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Develop Your Focus Habit.

Crush Procrastination and Flow.

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Ever feel like this?

Distracted? Feeling lazy? Overwhelmed by the scale of what you have to do? Just can't keep your attention on the task at hand? You know you should be working. But — you just can’t.

You start working for a few minutes. Then you stop. You start looking for a distraction. Anything, so you don’t have to do what you sat down to do. Look at social media. Surf the web. Talk to someone. All just to distract yourself from the task you need to do.

That’s called — procrastination.

And we’ve all been there.

Develop Your Focus Habit.

Crush Procrastination.

Welcome to Flow.

Decide on your goal. How long you’ll work. Start the timer. And you’re off and…working. Yes! It’s that easy!

By naming your goal and defining how long you’ll work you’re actively crushing procrastination. The faster you get working the more likely you’ll reach the all encompassing state of flow. Also known as being “in the zone”. Where everything, including time, disappears except what you’re concentrating on.
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Gain Confidence Your Goal is Getting Done

Using Fabit day-after-day, helps you develop your focus habit. That’s what Fabit is designed to do. Help you make your focus stronger and reinforce the focus habit. Improving your concentration. Making you more productive. Welcome to flow.

Keeps You Focused, Motivated, and Moving Ahead

You’re working and how do you know how long you’ve been working? The best way to know it to have a timer. A timer that’s constantly available but not dominating your view. Fabit has a timer in its main window and in the menubar — you can see it no matter the application you’re using. It shows how much time is left till you get a break. And breaks are important.

The menu bar has a visual progress pie showing the remaining time for this sprint. We call one timed work session a sprint.

The sounds of a clock ticking every 2 minutes reminds you of the passage of time. This is optional.

A voice announces the time remaining every 5 minutes. Another reminder of the passage of time. This is optional.

Notifications appear to display the time left.
At the bottom of the window is the sprint counter. It keeps you motivated by showing your progress to your daily sprint goal. It starts out gray. Blue means you’ve started working toward your goal. Orange means you’ve achieved the goal. Yes!
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Stopwatch Icon

Tick tock, tick tock, tick, tock

Speech Bubble Icon

25 minutes left

Notification Icon
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Time Category Statistics

Fabit has time categories on the right side of the window that track your sprints so you can see how much you’ve worked. The categories are Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, and Last Year.
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Streak Calendar

The Streak Calendar shows, using color, how you’ve done since you started using Fabit.

Have you met the daily sprint goal?
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Streak Statistics

Streak statistics visually shows the current streak versus your best streak.
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Global Shortcut Keys

Global shortcut keys to 1) start, pause, resume a sprint or break, 2) show main window, 3) show menu bar.

And you get to decide what those global shortcut keys should be.
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Dark Mode

Fabit likes Dark Mode.
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Pomodoro Technique

Yes, Fabit uses this technique.

Decide on your goal.
Select a sprint time to work on the task and start the timer.
Focus on the goal till the time is over.
Take a break.
Repeat three times, then take a longer break.

Start your free 14-day trial today!

System Requirements

Fabit 1.0 requires OS X 10.14 or later.

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